Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Christmas Tree & Bauble Magnetic Bookmarks

So Christmas is only about 10 weeks away.

I thought it was time to start making some Christmas stock. I don't generally go over board with Christmas inspired goods, I do however love to make Christmas inspired bookmarks.

They are such a great idea to pop in a card. They are all laminated on the print side for protection, and left blank and unlaminated on the inside. Perfect to add a personal message in there. I always pop one inside my Christmas cards for distant relatives, and friends who I don't buy for, but who love to receive a little surprise. I have been doing it each year now, and they have started to look forward to what new illustrations I have created.

Each year I love to make a new and not so traditional colour palette.
Don't get me wrong I do like red and green, but there is something about new colour combinations in traditional Christmas decorations that I find very appealing.

This year I have gone for 2 main combinations.
The first tangerine and turquoise, the other hot pink and chartreuse green.
Each year I create 4 new designs, and here are my first 2.

These are available in my etsy and madeit shops.
Also don't forget forget to take advance of my permanent saving "Buy 4 and pay for 3".

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