Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blog Find : Life On Planet Baby

Sometime ago I had a comment on one of my posts from someone I didn't know.
Jane? Jane who?
Anyway she asked me to come over to her very new blog & say hi.
So over I go curious to see what "Life On Planet Baby Is About".
Nothing to do with a crafting business, its the daily goings on in Jane's life, and her kids.
Let me tell you all, Jane is a HOOT and a half.
I look forward to seeing what it is she is going to post about next.
A lot of her personal stories are very similar to what is going on in many houses, that have
little people as permanent residents.
However, "Life On Planet Baby' isn't always about her "little pixies' as she calls them.
She loves anything French, so do I.
She loves stationery, so do I.
She loves interior design so do I.
She also has a knack for writing about things that I find extremely informative, I think it's the fact she's a lawyer!
Anyway pop over to have a read, I am sure you will enjoy it.
Thanks Jane for entertaining me.

1 comment:

JANE said...

Oh, Kylie! You absolute darling. I was flattered enough to see your FB post about me and now I've stumbled upon this in my trawl through Google Reader! You gem.

I'm so pleased you're enjoying my blog. Stuck 'in the trenches' as I am, I have no idea how my blog reads. It's just a pleasant diversion to blog and such a delight to meet sweet souls such as you. J x