Thursday, October 7, 2010

Charlotte's Christening

I am christening my beautiful baby doll Charlotte this Sunday.
After a few dramas and having to cancel the date from September to October, it's all happening now. I am really looking forward to the day, it will be spent with very close friends and family.
It's been a long trek to find the perfect dress for her. I am personally not into the traditional super long satin gowns and bonnets. I was on the hunt for something white, pretty and feminine, casual, yet with a dressy appeal to it.
I hunted high and low from designer brands, handmade, even target. Nothing.
Sometimes I think things find you when you least expect it. I walked casually the other day into Pumpkin Patch for Hudson, and what do you know.....
A pretty little white dress in cotton voile, lots of layers, white, ruffles, flowers, and a beautiful self colour embroidery on the outer layer. Also some very cute little white shoes, I also grabbed some white tight, and VOILA, I am done.

What do you think?

Now I just need to myself something to wear and the clock is ticking...

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JANE said...

How pretty, Kylie! What a find. No wonder you're delighted. Something you might like to do is what we've done - embroider her name and the date of the christening inside the hem. We sewed on some satin ribbon and embroidered that. It's a lovely keepsake reminder. Enjoy the celebrations! J x