Friday, October 15, 2010

My Obsession

One of my BIGGEST passions is travelling.
I love it.
There is something about discovering a new country and it's city that makes my heart race.
The people.
The fashion.
The architecture.
The food.
The culture.
I have been fortunate to see a lot of the world, and thought I would share some of my favourite photos.

My favourite city above all is Paris, there is something special about Paris that I love, it's such a beautiful place.
Where is your favourite travel destination?


another donkey design by kate said...

I have been so lucky to go to some amazing places around the world - top three: spain, santorini and thailand.
Love the pics! You always look so happy!

JANE said...

Wow, Kylie - that was an early start! Thanks for these fun photos. I adore London, Paris and Berlin. I'd love to go to New York, Prague and St Petersburg. Oh, and how did you post those photos to look like snapshots? Do you have a special program? Such tips are always appreciated by newbies like me. J x

Nell said...

I totally agree, Paris is just beautiful. We loved it instantly when we were there. And I know this is a bit boring, and in my own country, but i love Cornwall in the UK too. Favourite holiday destination ever is St Ives. But we'd love to go to Canada, Sydney, Italy (again) and New York in the not too distant future too xx

Amanda said...

Great pics! I love Paris and spent a month there once just wandering about. The place I keep going to though is Ubud in Bali it is a very beautiful place and the people are very spiritual.