Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday

I am wishing for the "Organising Fairy" to come and tap me on the shoulder and sprinkle her magic dust all over me and my workspace. I have always been a bit messy when it comes to my desk, even when I worked full time, however I could always pin point where everything was. I am told that creative minds work like that. Do you think it's true or just an excuse? MMMMM I have never been sure, maybe I am just genetically built this way? Lately I have been a little disorganised, don't ask me why I just have, basically I have been lazy when it comes to putting your things after I have finished with them. Below is my space, see what I mean?

Now Wishlist Wednesday if there is a fairy out there, I would LOVE this....Pretty Please.. I found these fab images from past posts of one of my favourite blogs Modish.

Maybe a trip to Ikea will sort this out?


Melinda @ Here We Go Loopy Lou said...

Oh I can only imagine!!!! Love that pink themed one. My dining table doubles/triples (!) as many things in my home!

Giggleberry (Amy) said...

Oh how I would also love that fairy to visit me!

mary grace jewellery said...

Kylie your space looks just right for a creative business. I actually really like your big table.

Sandrine said...

It is only the one that do nothing that make no mess;)But if you meet the fairy send her to me too;))