Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nearly Market Time Again

Market mayhem strikes again.
This Saturday I will be at Sisters Market and as always looking forward to it.
Looking forward to it for 2 reasons, the first as I will be having a bit of a sale on the day. I still have some things I would like to clear to make room for my new 'screen printed' items. Gee that's making it very official and now making me very accountable.
The second reason is because by the time the next market comes around, I will have pretty much a whole new collection to show off. Gee I am excited.
This week I have done a stock take, repriced some items, made lots of new bookmarks, cut out some more transfers and have made 3 new friends to go along with the 2 that have been sitting in my work place.
I would love the Melbourne locals to come by and say hi.
Hope to see you there :)


Sandrine said...

wow you have been a busy bee!Have fun at the market;)

Laura B said...

Good luck this weekend, I'm sure these plush toys will find new homes very quickly!

mary grace jewellery said...

Have a great time @ the Sister's Market Kylie! Hope you get heaps of sales!!! Good luck!