Thursday, July 2, 2009

Artist in the Spotlight -

My 'artist in the spotlight' this week is the very talented jewellery designer Mary, from MaryGraceJewellery. Her Etsy store has been running now for just over 6 months, and she is loving every minute of it. Her work has such a nostalgic and vintage feel to it, when I look at them it's as if there is a story behind each of them. Some of them I could definitely see on famous women like Marie Antoinette, especially the hair pins, they are beautiful. Mary is truly amazing, she creates such highly crafted work as well as looking after her 6 children. Truly inspirational.
As well as learning more about her below, I would like to know more personally about her obviously good time management skills!

1)Tell us a bit about yourself?
I am a very happy and busy Mummy to 6 kiddies. I have 2 sets of twins and 2 older children. Life from day to day is busy but there is nothing else I would rather do. My children give me the greatest joy and fulfilment anyone could realise. Being Mummy gives me stability and purpose everyday.
I have always enjoyed arts and crafts since I was a girl. My first love is illustration. I love making jewellery as it gives me the creative outlet I need but also provides me the opportunity to learn business. I have no jewellery making or business training background. I am always learning so many things in taking my jewellery business forward.
2)Where did your business name come from?
My business name is not very creative I know- Its simply my first and middle name BUT it is who I am. I am Mary Grace.
3)Tell us a bit about your business?
Mary Grace is handcrafted jewellery made with quality materials and craftsmanship. Its a business that is evolving and growing and still being defined. Its a business that has big ambition! Hopefully my determination and HARD WORK will take it as far as it can possibly go.

4)What inspires you to create what you make?
Current trends and fashion. I make fashion jewellery. In terms of personal touches - I love colour. Alot of other artisans give me inspiration through their work.
5)What do you think is the key to achieving successful sales?
HA! Well...lets see...I have at the moment made not very many sales. Mary Grace is still in its infancy. You tell me, can I have some advice? What is the key to successful sales?
I know this much, that persistence/consistency and determination will one day make me the sales that I desire. Trying every avenue and opportunity builds exposure.

6)What is your favourite music/artist/movie/book/website?
I love reading classic novels. I am not a movie/ TV person.
7)If you could interview anybody in the world who would it be?
I would love to talk to anyone who can offer positive inspiration.
8)Where is your next holiday destination?
Ha! I think the more appropriate word would be "when". Luckily I love being home looking after my children "just" being Mummy.
You can also follow Mary on her blog
Thanks a lot Mary for letting know more about yourself and you work.

x Kylie

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