Friday, July 3, 2009

Something not hand made

Some of you may know or may not, well I used to work in the fashion industry & also had my own label which is no longer. Besides doing what I do, seeing what you amazing fellows crafters do, & blogging with everyone is far more rewarding.

I just sent out to my newsletter group the following ladies clearance info & thought I should at least let you all know.
Well I worked on was called MayBel, and is 100% Australian made, not handmade, but better than 'made in China'.

The collection was designed and produced only in knits, meaning everything stretches and is extremely comfortable. The product is ageless and takes many women through all facets of their lives. It is absolutely perfect to wear casually and easy enough to dress up.

It also has a bonus as it's perfect before, during, and after pregnancy. I have worn it through all three of the above mentioned stages. I have washed it over and over again, and each time it bounces back into shape, the colour stays fresh and it's great as I DON'T NEED TO IRON ANY of it. YAY!!
I guarantee quality is fabulous, and what is being offered to you is an amazing offer.
All pieces are $20 each...Two for $35....Or 3 for $50....
In my other website is wear it all is, just click here. I have listed everything individually should you be interested. under the "Ladies fashion" tab, there are also listed two buttons under the 'Shop Bulk and Save" tab stating the above deals. (This tab is under Ladies Clearance)

All you have to do is decide which deal you would like and add to cart as you would normally do. Just make sure to advise me at checkout the STYLE, SIZE, and COLOUR you require.

Please look through all individually offered items to have correct style names, and also for quantities.
Also click on the dowload in the "Ladies fashion" tab and
there are photographs of the collection and the amazing mix and match outfits you can make. I have listed several but your imagination I guarantee will create more.

As I said I just wanted to let you know should you be looking for a sale.

I hope your all having a great Friday.

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DELiciousDesignz said...

That sounds like a great deal - off to take a look :0)