Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday

I am wishing for Hudson to hurry up & walk properly. Without any prompting today he just got up & took 6 steps. It's funny how we count steps & consider them such milestones. I was initially worried he wasn't walking fast enough as he is the last one in my mothers group still not walking. He is coming on 14 months, & I will admit was quite a big baby, (which I was told was the reason he didn't walk at 11 or 12 months), but has slowed down considerably since crawling. He was a porka believe me, my poor old back will tell you. Anyway back to my point....I have has several people say "you'll regret it when they walk as all you do is run after them". Mmmm I don't know if I will, as it will make winter so much easier, amusement wise, instead of being stuck indoors so much.

Well here is my positive thoughts on this;
1. We will be able to do some walks on cool sunny days like today as opposed to crawling through wet grass.
2. We will be able to get in our gumboots & explore my very neglected back yard, instead of crawling through mud, & yes I will weed.
3. We will be able to go to stop at the park on our walks, as opposed to crawling in the wet again.....
If I am out of my mind please tell me.
I took a photo of him on the go last night.

Nice transfer on your tee, mmm I wonder where you got that??


Finki (jay) said...

What a little spunk, my Finn is 16 months and probably the exact opposite. he was light as a feather(I fed him heaps, I promise) and spends the days trying to run to keep up with his big sister. He get's into everything. Definitely keeps me on my toes.

incalesco said...

Jasper was also a late walker - he started at 15 months, and he was a feather weight. He actually dropped off the bottom of those WHO charts they use to track their progess, and he ate like a horse!!!

We have found now that his language progress seems to be a bit advanced, seems whenever they are slow in one area they make up for it in another.