Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lots to share

Well its been a week & a bit of ups & downs here.

Early last week I was fighting off the common cold ducking & weaving away from my kids as they had it, hoping to completely avoid it. However it's a bit hard though when they end up in your bed half way through the night. So as you would expect I got it, & I got it fiercely. It literally knocked me down for a few days. I consider myself relatively healthy, & have not been struck down like that for a while. I am so happy & grateful I am nearly back to normal.

Just when things are looking bright, my poor baby broke his wrist yesterday. He was at kinder & fell from one of the climbing structures straight onto his elbow & wrist. Two little fractures unfortunately.
He was quite shaken up from the whole experience, which I could completely understand from a 5year old perspective. Hospitals are not fun for anybody.
Here is a photo of my brave soldier just after his plaster had been applied. Such a proud mama I was.

I am happy to be back writing, I love my blog, my place to write & share, but the poor things is always the one thing that gets neglected when things are off the rails a bit.

With my week being on the down, I am chasing my tail a bit trying to catch up& at the moment it seems never ending. On the super bright side I have lots to share over the next week or two.

Can't wait to say so much more.

I hope you week has be a beautiful one.

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Jane from Lil Pip said...

Poor thing - hope mummy was about to draw something cool on his plaster?

It is the funny thing with blogs - most readers would prefer you post less often with purpose than a bunch of junk every day. We will see you when you are back on board!