Thursday, August 15, 2013

Feelings of change & being brave

Since May this year I have felt a real shift in my business & me especially. The way I think. The way I look at things. Ideas I have, & the direction I want to move in the future. Everything is positive & it excites me to my core. I absolutely love to illustrate & create, I just can't imagine doing anything else. I have worked so hard the last couple of years & have reached a stage where I know its time to grow & expand. I am far from bored, but feel the need to change a little. I have become a lot more grateful for the opportunities that I have created, & reflective of my accomplishments. I am learning also to smile about the good things that have happened with my business, & know its OK to do so. However I feel like this year is starting to become a time to focus on growing as a person, learning news skills & techniques, developing my business to the next level, & chasing my dreams.

Print by Jessica Swift

This print sums me up at the moment, it's perfect isn't it?

Being brave is what I need to be as I have some dreams at the moment which will force me to push myself out of my comfort zone, which is not always my happy place. As you know (I completed the MATS course), so I am working behind the scenes here building my portfolio up so I can submit my work to art directors looking for new opportunities. Eeeeek what a scary & exciting place!

I also would LOVE to start to get back into painting again. I haven't done it since college & I remember how much I loved it back then. I am really scared about this one as it's been years. I would LOVE to learn mixed media techniques also, but I do have one! I just can not get paints & things out & concentrate (being the key word), & experiment when they are around. They are just way to interested in what mum is doing, & just hover around me & I just can't work. I would love some hints from those who manage that.

So there are a couple of new goals & dreams I have shared & can't wait to start sharing it as I progress along, who knows where it will end up.

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planettreasures said...

Good luck with your new paths Kylie.
Sometimes it's just easier to stay in a rut and not really go after what you want to go for it!