Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Christmas Range Progress & Planning for it

It's only the middle of August & people have questioned me, why are you worrying about Christmas. I can't believe you have completed it, it's so early.

As my business has grown I have really had to start making a conscious effort of planing ahead. I am used to it, as I always worked at least 12-18 months ahead when I worked in the fashion industry. To be honest with you, I should have really had my Christmas range completed about 4 weeks ago, so in my head I am a bit behind.

Planing helps your business & it's direction. For me to plan, it's a bit like a road map, I know exactly where I am going. I know as a creative being, there is nothing worse knowing a project or deadline is due, & you have complete writers, or illustrators block. The feeling literally makes me ill. The major companies are releasing Christmas earlier & earlier each year too, not that I am following their ways of business, but if I am to aim at have a good sales period I need to be early enough so I can benefit from it. Lets be honest, if you're too late you may lose those spending dollars from customers to someone else, & most of the time its to the big guys. My products are generally personalised, & in this peak time of year take around 2-3 weeks to be made. The other benefit is that when its done I can cross it off my list (I love lists), so I can start marketing it, & focus on getting orders & customer requests completed as quick as possible. It's a busy time of year & I need to prepare. I also sell on the amazing Hard to Find website, & have taken the plunge this year with them advertising in their Christmas campaign. I needed products complete, my samples made, photographed, & prepared for them, so their designers can select the products they wish to use for their campaigns. It's all very exciting.

With all that said I have a Christmas product I would love to share.

My very new Christmas Sack.

This design is confirmed & ready to go. I have 5 designs in total, so will hold off releasing the others until I release the whole range. I mean you need a little surprise don't you? I also have a couple of other products I need to tidy up & finish off including my yearly Christmas stockings & bunting, along with 2 newbies. It's all happening & exciting.

So what do you think?

Have a great day x

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