Friday, August 30, 2013

Has spring sprung early?

It's towards the end of winter here in Melbourne & its been a cold windy one. Some days my jaw has ached from the whipping icy breeze. I do not enjoy it. The last few days its seems to have slowed down, heaven, & feels a touch warmer. This week & next week temperatures are hitting the low 20's!! OMG, it's just fantastic not having to leave the house with scarves & coats, I'm ready to peel some layers.

It's also got me thinking about my garden which is very bland & weedy. Actually it's awful. I am not much of a gardener, I want to be but I am never attentive enough. I plant things & they look lovely & thats kind of it. I don't do it on purpose but I forget to water & weed. Life gets busy. I am forever admiring other peoples gardens, & have a love of flowers & colour in the garden. I am going to make a conscious effort this year of getting out there & doing it.

For a couple of reasons. I need to be active, I am that kind kind of person. The fresh air makes me a nicer person. being inside for to long makes me feel blah. The second is that the kids will spend more time outside if I am there. My yard is not square & flat, it has a couple of different levels & also a pool. I have noticed the kids not spending as much time out there as I think its because I cant see them. It's not so bad now they are getting a bit older, but they do love it when I am out there. My youngest also loves to help which is great, she loves to get her little shovel & spade out. The third & most important is that I want to create a space where I want to be. I want it to be bright & kind of cosy. A place to sit, relax, read, have a drink & enjoy. At the moment it's so far from that.

I am feeling inspired & excited. The biggest, most daunting thing is planning something, & what to plant. Eeeek I can't afford a landscape designer so I will be looking for inspiration,  & pinning ideas left right & centre. On the flip side of this I love to draw flowers, so inspirations should be everywhere for some new summer drawings, even better!!

This is what has caught my eye so far that I have pinned, some images are completely inappropriate as my yard is nothing like that, nevertheless I thought it was beautiful. We all know only an idea can spark anything!!

I love hanging baskets & have several that need updating, as all life has withered. I thought these were beautiful.

I love these spheres, there is a few DIY's for them, & would LOVE to have a go. I just think the flowers looks so pretty, almost strategically planted around them. 

I love the garden bed here how it is all clustered & full of colour. I want a very low line garden bed right near my pool so I cant still see who is swimming in there. Without obstruction.

image source unknown

I have a bench seat at home that is wooden, with iron work on it. I think it might be fun to repaint it in a fun colour. At the moment thinking a raspberry red, I love this images as it looks so cozy & love the flower pots surrounding it. Quite tranquil.

I think I have a great direction of the kind of style I want. Flowery, fresh, pretty, cosy & full of colour. This is always the easy part, now I have to work out what will grown well here, & what I can purchase that is slightly every green, but flowers in the spring/summer. So much to even think about, thats when I usually head to my local garden nursery & ask the experts. 

Feeling excited about warm weather coming!

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