Friday, August 23, 2013

A bit of branding & starting to find my way

You may have noticed I have changed my brand/logo design a few times? And have done so again today. I love switching it up & I think that is purely because I never REALLY new what I wanted. It's taken some time for me to get to a point of starting to understand my own style & creating what I love & adapting it to the market place....My very important customers.

I have always LOVED colour & I am completely obsessed with raspberry red & turquoise together. I can't help myself. Keeping it in my branding is really important to me, so are my other 2 colours. I am kinds head over heels about dove great & chartreuse, more on the yellow side, not green.

It's also been a HUGE step forward to actually use my name. Kylie Loy. I actually feel quite uncomfortable about it but getting used to it slowly. I have been discussing it with a friend about doing it, so I suppose I have been preparing myself slowly. As part of the big picture for my business, you all know I want to have a go at licensing & will also be offering a design service. More on that later. So it seems the right time to actually been known as someone other than Tiges and Weince.

So here it is. I feel like for the first time in ages is that things are starting to fall in place. It's a great feeling, not one to be complacent about, but it's almost like a sign.....keep going.

It's a great feeling & looking forward to taking the ride & seeing where it goes.

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Bel said...

YAY for Kylie Loy.
Love that print x