Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Queensland we are coming

Have I mentioned I am going on a little holiday? The 4 of us are on our way to Queensland in about a week & I am so excited. I haven't been on a holiday since I was 20 weeks pregnant with Charlotte. We have been on short weekenders here & there, & of course Phillip Island, but nothing like this.

The last couple of years have just flown but & I am really looking some rest, warm weather & some family time as well as......

Looking at the beautiful Queensland coast line & hopefully having a swim in the beach.

Relaxing a bit at our resort. I think those sun loungers are screaming my name.

Showing the kids what a real water slide is. Their faces I think will be priceless when they see how much fun can be had. I haven't been on any of these for year, so I can say I am very keen to get wet n wild!!

I am looking forward to meeting these guys. I will interesting when Charlotte sees a 6 foot Tweety bird. No doubt she will jump out of her skin with excitement. Just as Hudson will when he sees Bat Man & The Flash.

I am dying to see these gorgeous creatures. I saw them so many years ago & was completely captivated. I adored Dreamworld, it's my favourite park.

Having the kids with me I am sure I will love every moment of it it again with a different experience. this time through their eyes & not my own adult ones I can not wait.

I will also be traveling down to Byron Bay to meet a dear friend I have known all my life. 

It feels like I have been waiting forever for this trip & now its around the corner. But there is sooooooooo much work for me to do & get on top of before we leave. That's OK as the rewards will be so worth it.

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