Monday, January 21, 2013


Good morning I can't believe it's Monday already.

How was your weekend? Mine flew as always. It wasn't very eventful I must admit, as consisted of trying to get a little more organised as we head into the new year.

Saturday night consisted of a few hours of feet up and some personal surfing around on the net. Oooh how I love it when I get the iPad all to myself!!! While relisting some of my products on Etsy, I decided to create a Treasury on there.

The theme UNICORN LOVE....Why? Because Charlotte lately has become quite obsessed with the show "My Little Pony". I bought her the unicorns from the show Princess Celestia, and Princess Candance for Christmas which she just adores, especially when their wings sparkle & light up. On top of that she carries her other my little ponies everywhere she goes. Becoming inspired through her love I created a gorgeous collection of unicorns inspired completely with colours of the rainbow.

My favourite items would definitely be the unicorn hat, from the image it almost looks like a soft toy which I though it was. The hat is great! And also the unicorn necklace, bottom row. I would love to buy this for Charlotte but she is a little too young still & I know it would be broken very easily.

Have a lovely week, and I hope it's filled with rainbows.

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