Saturday, January 12, 2013

New drawings - A Love Bird & a Sausage Dog!

I kind of have my mojo back a bit for drawing. Still getting back into the new year I don't completely feel in full force. I think it's also because the kids are home and all the kinder, and other activities are still yet to begin.

I have finished one of my prints and I'm quite happy with it. I posted a couple of days ago my hand drawing so you can see the initial stages of it. True to my nature, after redrawing it I have changed a couple of things. Mainly the proportions and scale of it. I gave myself a challenge as I only wanted to use minimal colours. Normally I use a rainbow of colour, but felt like a change. I just wanted to experiment with using predominantly 1 colour, and using it's different strengths. I think its has worked well, with the little bit of white and very soft grey.
My next drawing just happened, a surge hit me and I just went with it. I was so happy with the above drawing I wanted to create another version, but in blues. I have this thing in my head, what every girly illustration I create, I must do one for boys and visa versa. I drew it straight into illustrator and coloured it up, and admit to be very happy with it. Without it being intended this way, I kind of has a wintery feeling to it. Which is completely opposite to heat heat waves at home at the moment.

Now I have the illustrations completed, the fun part begins with making it up into some lovely decor items.

I hope you're having a great Saturday wherever you are.
Have a fab day!!

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