Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Back to school and stationary love

While eating dinner tonight I sat in front of the news with anticipation waiting for the footage of all the little kiddies out their starting their first day of primary school. Every year it takes me back to when I was at school, especially primary school. I loved school, I was a good student, and also known as quiet a chatterbox. Every year at report time it was the same issue, "Kylie is a great student, she just needs to stop talking and listen more, and she could become an even better student". Blah blah blah I used to think. My son doesn't start primary school until next year, but I just know, I could put my mortgage on it, that he will be the same as me. I love my son more than words, but man oh man the kid can talk.

My most favourite part of school for me was when mum would take me to K-Mart or Target to buy all of my new stationary for the new school year. There was something that absolutely rocked my world about a fancy new eraser, pens, pencils, textas, a pencil case. Even more exciting was buying my clear contact ready to cover my binders and note books. It was very important to cut the images I loved from my magazines,  Dolly and Smash Hits, to cover them. I also remember how upset I would get if I left a bubble in the contact while doing it, it was so frustrating and almost heartbreaking. I wanted it contacted smoothly, it just had to be perfect.

Today is a whole knew world of stationary, and I often think to myself where was Smiggle or KikkiK then? Oh my goodness I would have been in my 10th heaven. So I put my 10 year old hat on tonight, and decided to have a look around to see what I believe, I would select for myself today. 

So what do you think? How much fun are they? All of my images came from Stationary Board on Pinterest of course. Everything on their makes my heart sing with excitement. Lets be honest I think I would still be happy to have this superb collection right now in my current work space. 

If you had a little one start school today I hope it was a fabulous experience for them.

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