Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mosaic inspired pattern repeats

I have been really interested in mosaic designs at the moment, after having a chat with my sister in-law the other night. Our conversation was purely in relation to gardens, and how I would love to create some stepping stones outside in my garden beds with a mosaic design on them. She has some she  made for herself in her garden and they are super cute.

With this inspiration I have been working on some new pattern repeats. Using the mosaic inspiration I wanted to create little squares with a design inside, imagining each one was a pretty glass tile.

I kept everything very abstract because I wanted to design something that naturally looked great on fabric. My intention was simple and rather ageless, when I say that I mean babies to pre tweens. Not to cutesy and without any specific theme involved. This is a favourite boy classic colour palette I used quite a lot navy, sky blue, red and gray. 

A very girly and pink version for the girls with a minor change. Stars to hearts. I am a huge pink fan, I just can't help myself and I particular love it with white and fresh apple green.

I can really see this fabric on soft furnishings & decor. I am seeing cushions, bean bags, lamp shades, even a blanket of some sort. I am looking in the very near future of creating some fabric via spoonflower, so you just never know this could be one of them.

Hope you're have a great day :)

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