Monday, January 7, 2013

So here we are......2013

It's been a month since I blogged! Yikes!!!

I have come to accept that I am not the most frequent of hoo.... I go through motions when I am loaded with things to write, & then it stops. This usually happens as I get distracted with other moments in life. This Christmas was a crazy busy period to say the least. Keeping myself afloat was a challenge, not just with online & wholesale orders, but I had order demands from my lovely girls who work the Quirky and Quaint business for me, amongst kids Christmas events & all of the other social festivities we go to.

But like every busy work mother I survived it and proud of myself for doing so.

Christmas has come and gone so quickly, all of the time thinking & sorting Christmas gifts. The there is the actual day, I hosted Christmas at my house this year, just to add to my pressure, so there was lots of planning to to also. Luckily for me I have a great family & great in-laws who all contributed by bringing along their plate of Christmas loveliness for us to all feast on.

Below are some family snaps of my kids and and I, and my hubby Daniel with the kids on the day. Would you believe that's about it?? I was so busy I hardly took any photos. Life of a mum hey? Luckily my bother in-law took many, but he is away in England right now for work so I'll have to wait for those.

So here we are in 2013......

Like all of us I have had a few quiet moments to think about what I would like to change and improve within myself, and my business. Late last year I talk about some intentions for the new year here. However, can I be quite honest with you about it? I haven't thought a lot actually. Not that I haven't wanted to, but I kind of just needed to be with my family, have a break away with them, hang with my kids, jump on a trampoline, swim carelessly, try my hand at fishing, eat ice cream, and have a nanna nap when I could. I felt like my brain had to "download" a bit. Get rid of the busy-ness inside, and let it slip away for a while and feel empty. It's actually been the best thing I have done. Normally when I am away I am constantly on my phone, or jotting down information and ideas, but this Christmas break I did nothing of the sort and it was BRILLIANT! we are in 2013.....With a generally clean mind, my thoughts are ticking away slowly with intentions and goals for the year. I know my biggest goal of all with be to try and simplify my working week a lot more. This week is my week to plan. I have bought a giant size monthly calendar  like the old school ones you pop on you desk, so I can fill in dates, deadlines, events, and plan a lot better. There will be a grey lead pencil, an eraser and lots of sticky notes. It's seems slow and regimented but I think it's exactly what I need to make a great and positive start to this new year. I also look forward to sharing some of those with you, I love doing that as I believe if  I put it out there, you tend to feel so much more accountable, as you never know who may be reading!!

I hope you also had a fab Christmas and playful new year, and I wish lots of success you way too.

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