Sunday, February 19, 2012

Not a great weekend

It all started Tuesday I had this headache I just couldn't shift. By Thursday I was feeling sick in the stomach, almost like a reminder of morning sickness, but I knew there was nothing to worry about :)

Friday came & the headache had gone, but the stomach ache & constant waves of nausea was worse. I had a heap of work to do as I had a home showing presentation on Saturday, & couldn't miss it. My sister in-law came by & collected the kids so I could work. As soon as she left it was if I had let my strong mummy guard down & I was sick constantly for hours on end. I hate vomiting there is nothing worse.
To top it off, later I had a call from my sister in-law telling me Charlotte was throwing up to!! All this was happening & hubby was on the other side of town. I tried to no be too over alarmed as I knew she was in good hand but I felt dreadful knowing my baby wasn't with me. Eventually hubby collected them to then let me know on the way home it was Hudson's turn....Yep all in the car!!! Could it get worse. It was one of those family sharing caring moments.....eeek it's just awful.

I just felt like this cloud was hanging over my head & I couldn't help.

Yesterday was a day of quiet slumber for the 3 of us as we all layed on the couch soaking up lots of Disney movies drifting in & out of sleep.

Today we're soldiering on & all seeming well & in high spirits. It's a semi warm day, very overcast & borderline muggy. The kids have had a swim, which I think has freshened them up & livened them up a tad. As for me, well I was doing what all post sick mothers do clean....clean....clean.....

Yep the toilets, the bathrooms, the sheets, the kitchen, you name it anything where I think this nasty bug may have touched. My hands feel so dry, yet I feel so much better, knowing I have made our home a cleaner space. To be honest not the best was to spend a Sunday morning, as I usually clean during the week, but what can you do? Excect enjoy whats left, try to catch up on some work & keep thinking tomorrow is another day.

I hope you're weekend has been nothing like mine.

all images by Kylie Loy

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another donkey design by kate said...

Sorry to hear you have all had such a rough time. Sending you healthy happy thoughts for an awesome week!