Wednesday, February 15, 2012

NEW : Home Decor for all the family

A new area of my business is a home decor range for all of the family, not just for the kiddies. I want to introduce new designs slowly, piece by piece. For a while now I have had customers ask when can I create cushions, especially doorstops, for them & their houses. I am still trying to get my head around exactly what I want it to look like. It is hard trying to cater to everyone, & not design for one particular style. Especially colour as everyone's home is so unique to them. I know I love bright colours, but I also want to keep it neutral with pops of colour.

It's definitely a work in motion project, & today I am sharing my first piece.

I am a fan of flowers & adore this saying by Jane Austen, which I have been wanting to use it somehow for a while, but I felt the right opportunity hadn't come up for it. This first design I have created is something I would definitely put in my house. My house is fairly neutral with bold highlight colours of magenta & lots of turquoise.

A generous size 40x30cm, but not by any means domineering.

The back is finished with an oatmeal coloured cotton, based on the oatmeal & white stripe I have used in the design.

I have also created a doorstop of course! This design is now sitting happily at my front doors, & my internal door that opens straight to my garage.

Everything is now available in my online stores.

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