Monday, February 6, 2012

First day at kinder...

Today was Hudson's first day at 3yr old kinder. I just can't believe my babies school journey has begun. He is such a great kid full of enthusiasm & so inquisitive I know he is just going to absorb everything he is taught. He is also like me....a chatterbox......& I just hope he sits & listens to what is happening around him haha!

After a weekend of preparations which start Friday at orientation I believe he was as prepared as I could possible make him. He chose his school back pack & lunch box himself which was blazoned with who else? But Lightning McQueen. We bought his pre-school tee, jumper & some shorts & all weekend we talk about how much fun it was going to be.

This morning when I woke him I said guess where you're going today? He grabbed my hand & squeezed it & said kinder with such a huge smile. I was relieved but still thought it may change.
Here we are at the gate ready & waiting. It was really hard getting these photo's as he was such an eager beaver to get inside.

With his baby sitter who had to be in the photo's. She is always 1 step behind him.
A quick bit of play before it was time.

When we arrive we have to hang our bag up first, which by the way Hudson's picture recognition is a banana. The beginning of class is the sound of a bell ringing, the old school style which I just adore. The children have been told that's the sign to go in say goodbye & join the other kiddies on the mat. After hearing the bell Hudson just left, no goodbye, no kiss, no I love you, no nothing he just bolted for the mat. I was heart broken, I wanted to kiss my baby goodbye & tell him I loved him, the whole event just felt incomplete, I felt incomplete.
Luckily the teacher came out & said that we could come in & say goodbye & take the very important photo of the kids on the mat. So I have my photo & was waved goodbye but that tiny toosh of his, did not leave the floor. As heartbroken as I felt, I had a warming sense of pride & happiness, knowing that I know he is ready.

Day 1 down, I hope that Friday is just as positive.

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