Monday, February 13, 2012

My weekend

How was your weekend? Mine always come and do so fast, & before I know it here we are again Monday.

My Saturday always starts, well for the last 3 weeks anyway, with a workout at the gym. I am really making an effort to make this wonderful feeling of exercise part of my life again & it feels great. I am not feeling half as sluggish & its nice to be slowly losing some weight.

Then off to the supermarket, my poor old cupboards were bare. I know I am not the first person to do that, it's terrible when you're scratching around for something to eat. Then unpacking groceries is such an ordeal for me & takes forever, mainly because I chop all my fresh veggies into pieces which are placed in the fridge smarts from Tupperware. Why do it you ask? When I have to get dinner made in a flash & the kids are cranky all I have to do is pull them out & throw what I need in the steamer, wok or post. It's done & it's fast!

Then after an hour or so hanging out with the kids we head off to zoo twilights. Snacks were made, dips were packed, fruit was cut & a few chocolate chip cookies were snuck in as a later treat.The band playing was Beautiful girls, which I later found out were men!! I can't recall hearing much of the band as I was with a friend & didn't stop talking. The weather was weird, warm, wet, damp & windy, but it didn't change my mood.

Here are my kids on the picnic rug munching on crackers.

Melbourne's weird weather, sunny, damp, cloudy & stormy.

My gorgeous friend Kim. It was great hanging out having a few wines, in my world there is nothing better. Her adorable daughter Allie was there keeping my babies amused as they played chasey & danced all together. If you have never experience zoo twilights in Melbourne I highly recommend it. I have been going for years, even before I had kids & generally go to see Kate Cebrano as I love her. But thought this year might be nice for a change. It's such a relaxed atmosphere sitting on your picnic rug, creating a delicious spread of food, drinking some wine, & if you're up to it you can watch some of the animals being fed, elephants, seals, baboons & lions. Hudson got to hear the lions raw last night....Scared the pants off him!!!

This morning I woke to a wonderful sight.....My new pool!!
It was finished yesterday & we were filling it over night. We have been building it since last November & I am a little disappointed it's completed so late, but I am sure we will still have some hot summer days soon....Fingers crossed.

I hope you had a lovely week & have an inspired week ahead of you xx

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IndigoElephant :: Sash said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend! I hear your pain with the groceries, I'm a recent convert to online grocery shopping, it's so easy to add things to your trolley through the week and having it arrive on your doorstep is a wonderful feeling! Even Mr IndigoElephant, who was a bit skeptical at first is loving it. I still buy fruit and veg and meat separately, but I was doing that beforehand anyway!