Tuesday, March 24, 2009


First I have to mention my fantastic product review received from Kookie Kids. My "Commando Gift Set" was put through the ringer by the lovely Amy, and came up trumps. Have a read HERE. Remember Kookie Blog readers I am offering a 10% discount until 1st April, just remember to put the word Kookie in the message to sender box.
I had the Flemington Market on Sunday, the weather was great, and I shared my stall with my cousins Kelly & Tania. They had their amazing children's jewelry that I occasionally dabble in with them, on show for the world to see. The day seemed somewhat quiet, I mean people were there but I didn't see a whole lot of buying happening. Maybe the whole OZ credit crunch is hitting harder than I anticipated. I had a couple of sales, but like all o us stall holders I would have loved some more.

I have just uploaded to Etsy and my other website today my new baby girl version in my NAPPY COMPACT collection. I sold one over the weekend, and have made another with a really sweet swallow bird on it. I used mine all the time and is so useful I have found for everything else including it's original purpose of nappies. I have thrown my deodorant in there, sunscreen, and hair brush the other day as I had swimming lessons for Hudson. But more importantly it's brilliant for it's original purpose of throwing a nappy, a few wipes, couple of nappy sacks inside then the whole thing into my hand bag. Make sure to check out my co-ordinating bib and change mat too.

Well the timer for my lasagna has gone off 10mins ago so I better go and serve it up MMMMM. Don't forget KOOKIE readers to add Kookie in the message to sender box to receive 10% off your purchase.

Ky x

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