Saturday, March 28, 2009

How life has changed.....

MMMM I ask myself should I be missing the bar scene? Should I be missing all the bottles of champers I would consume with friends on the weekend? Should I be missing being able to go to the movies without any interruptions? Should I be missing going out for dinner until late catching up with friends and talking endlessly? I am sorry to say the answer is a big YES! YES! YES!
But in the same breath I wouldn't change my now, new world for a bit. Having Hudson in my world is life changing, I am blessed with such a happy kid, he is actually quite amusing, and I am learning what a great sense of humor he has. I can't help myself, but I just have to show his happy face.
I am positive my life isn't to dissimilar to a lot of other artists and crafters out there with kids, but here I am on a Saturday night thrilled to pieces that my son is asleep, my husband is watching a movie (Pineapple express, which is a load of crap so I abandoned him), and I am here doing a super quick blog, and thinking of what work I could be creating. It's also a time to surf the net, especially Etsy of course, reading blogs, and to see whats happening out there and what beautiful pieces I want to buy next.
Oh one thing I don't miss are the hang overs and waking up with such foggy feelings.
Well if anyone else out there is at home with the same satisfaction, as lame as it sounds,
CHEERS and enjoy!
Ky x

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ButtonsByLouLou said...

Sounds like a common saturday night for me these days but I don't really mind as long as I get to go out sometimes.

Last night I didn't even make it to that. Our whole family has bad colds so not getting much sleep. After my market yesterday I was asleep VERY early!

Your son is very cute.