Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I went to the Craft & Stitches show at Flemington (Melbourne) on Sunday and to be honest I was a little disappointed. I hadn't been before as last year I was unavailable so I was ready & geared up to go this year to be filled with inspiration. I don't know what I was expecting, or hoping it would be, but I know it wasn't what I thought. The indie craftsters stalls were fantastic, I saw Justine from Mixtape which was great & Dana from Twiglet too which was nice. Their stalls may I add looked great. I think it was because I believe the venue looked too large for the event & the hall seemed somewhat empty!! MMMMM don't know. If you went let me know what you thought.

Today's posts is a little self indulgent, I have a NEW product to show off. I haven't even uploaded it to Etsy yet, but while do after this post.
Introducing my new "Bib & Chuck/Burp Cloth Combo". I have 3 new combo's so far but will show this today. My Apple green with Spots, is a great unisex item. My bib is my standard design for 0-6 month old bambino's, with a yummy soft and super absorbent toweling behind it. My chuck/burp cloth is a great 58cm square in a super soft flannel with a great detail feature in the corner. Keep that corner safe I think it's too nice for a messy accident. You can buy them individually or as a set, the choice is yours.

I am attending the Flemington Market on Sunday, so I am busy trying to get everything together, and some new items made too. I know anyone who holds stalls regularly knows the mad week leading up. Clearly I need to be more organised!! I would love everyone to come past and say hi, I will be at site 361, near the food & coffee of course.

It's my 9 year wedding anniversary tomorrow. I can't believe it, how time flies when you're having a ball. I was a young bride, I got married at 24yrs, which I know horrifies some people. But you know when it's right it's right. Yep it took a while to finally have Hudson, but Daniel & I had things to see. We wanted to travel which we have done, & if it wasn't for Hudson & now a single income I am sure we would be jetting some where again soon. Aaaahhhh they were they days.

That's it for now
Ky xo

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