Thursday, March 5, 2009

I have decided this long weekend for those living in Melbourne will be dedicated to cleaning out my office/studio. I have a bucket a scrap fabric, left over remnants of what fell to the floor when being cut away from a pattern piece. The solution.....nothing genius........soft baby blocks, and other soft things alike!!!!!!
Yep I went and bought some filling, made my blocks, added some ric rac, ribbon, stuffed them and what do you know. This is my challenge over the next week, instead of being drawn to buying more beautiful fabrics, I am going to actually work out what can be used and just make something beautiful. Turn it in to some change instead of just sitting there collecting dust. I know one person who would be thrilled with this genius concept....My husband. I know all of us crafters out there understand exactly what I am saying. I urge you all to take the challenge. I will be attending the Flemington Market (those in Melbourne will know where that is) on 22nd March, so they will be a good opportunity for a "nothing over $10" bucket.
Here are a couple of photo's of the many more items to come. Wish me luck using everything up, I will post other things as I go along.

I will be starting my featured artist of the week next week, so please keep posted as to who the 1st artist ever on my blog is.

Have a great evening.

Ky - xo

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