Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ahhhh Paris

While at work on Saturday I was on Etsy as always, & thought I would do a local search (in Australia) to see who was out there and what amazing pieces were being made. Basically I was in the mood to buy. Anyway, well all I can say is that I struck GOLD. I am not lying when I say this my my heart started racing when I saw this & just new I had to have it.

The piece is made by Pretty Peonies, who is a Melbourne based artist from Melbourne. Anyone who knows me well understands my love for Paris. I don't know what it is about Paris that I love the most, it's a mixture of the architecture, the language, fashion, art, buskers, freelance street artists, red wine, baguettes, cheese, and Nutella crepes. I first went there when I was working full time as a fashion designer/buyer, on a buying trip & it was love at first site. People always say it's romantic. As I was there for work, I can't actually say I was struck with romance, to me it was more of how it looked, the blue stone streets and how they were not grid locked, but seemed entwined with each other, how women dressed so elegantly and were so thin, and of course all the their most famous monuments which don't need to be named. I loved the cafes (especially Paul's) boutiques, Rue de Rivoli, Massimo Dutti, especially "Galeries Lafayette", it's a department store like no other, it doesn't have anything typical about it. The building is circular and the art/decoration on the roof took my breath away when I first saw it. I am sure anyone who has been there understands. Unfortunately the photos just don't do it justice.

I did several more trips there in my working travels, which I yearned for yearly, and then I finally got there with my husband Daniel in 2005, which was the best experience ever, as I finally got to explore more sites and take in everything I never got the opportunity to do when on work time.

I could go on for hours for my love of Paris, I know I bore my friends except one, Tania as she feels the same, I guess the fact we did the buying trips together with work explains it. To keep my love affair going with this beautiful city I listen to "So French So Chic", and I read books like this, I just can't help myself. I really need to learn the language, but never got around to it, I knew some basics when there but that was it. Maybe if I did that I would understand my damn French CD's ("So French So Chic"), I listen too.
Anyway I hope to get back there one day, I would love to go for a month. I want to explore more of Paris, and venture to more of the French country side. I dream of doing this with my husband, on a very conventional push bike with traditional brakes, a wicker basket on the front filled with a red gingham picnic blanket, a french bread stick, cheese, and red wine. Daniel would rather French Beer, but that's OK I can't have everything!!!

I think I have gone on enough about it, and I am sure you get my love for it. I better sign off before I carry on more, which would be so easy to do.

Before I go thanks Shanwen for making the "Amelie" neck lace (by the way I love that movie too with Audrey Tatou) I can't wait to receive, and bringing back my memories so I could share them with everyone.

au revoir,

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shanwen said...

Lovely! I am a francophile too, hoping to go to France soon =)
Have you read "french women don't get fat" ?