Friday, February 21, 2014

Smelling Lavender

I have been so drawn to the colour lavender lately, it's not normally a colour I would gravitate usually.

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My main reasons for it as it's definitely a soothing & calming colour. Lately I have been having some reiki done as I have been feeling a bit out of whack. That out of whack feeling is a hard one to explain, for me it's a feeling of being a bit blocked, when simple creative tasks or concentration seem to be a touch harder. Reiki is the most beautiful therapy for clearing your chakra & re balancing yourself. It's also a brilliant treatment for me as I can tend to feel a little stressed & anxious, especially when I have too much on my plate, which is always.

At my last treatment I was advised to pop a few drops of lavender oil on a tissue & pop in in my bra. The reason basically as when the body gets a little stressed it heats up which will then activate the lavender. Which in turn I will breath in & give me a calming feeling. I have been doing it for a few days now, & I actually love it more than I thought I would. I was paranoid I would smell like a potpourri bowl, but it's nothing like that at all. It's also been fantastic as it's made me quite aware of when I feel hurried, or a touch anxious as I can smell it. It's making me aware, which has also been great as I can sit back & make a conscious effort of taking 5 & just relax.

I am also actually loving the different shades of lavender, and seeing it was nominated as colour of the year 2014 by pantone, Radiant Orchid, it has to mean something doesn't it?

I hope your Friday is a relaxing one.

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