Monday, February 24, 2014

Chalk board art that accidentally happened

OK, so I have created something without any real intentions. It's quite funny when things happen when they were never on the do to list. It's even better when they come out SO much better than you anticipated.

I have been admiring chalk board art for a long time now, especially watching you tube movies of it, & seeing the real thing happen before my eyes. It's remarkable.
I love watching incredibly talented artists, it inspires the heck out of me.
So with inspiration bubbling I had a play, but the digital way, so yep straight on the screen. Regardless it was such a fun way to work, I kind of didn't stop....for a while.
Before I knew it I created seven pieces just like that, & all pieces I would happily hang in my own home.

While creating, I also had mothers day in my head too. Making things that I would definitely give to mum, & pieces I know my girlfriends would also. Especially the seven essentials design.

So here they are, & they are all available in my shop.

I hope Monday is a magical day for you.

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