Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I am ready to print

My new printer is here & ready to rock n roll!!

I had my final day of training yesterday which was brain exhausting, all the things I have had to learn. There is a whole lot of maintenance involved that now needs to become part of my daily routine. The machine is a little bigger than I predicted which means I have lost quite a bit of valuable work space in my room. I also ned to get some new electrical points put in to place, which has worked out well as I needed some new ones around the house anyway. You can see here just how tiny my work space is.

So here it is, all squished into my room.

I have been printing many new samples testing colours & using treatments for dark & light colours. I have been having to re format some of my work also which is becoming a long & tedious task.

But you can see below some samples I have done. I grabbed some old singlets & made them new again for the kids. I just can not believe how amazing it all looks. It's not been all roses though, I have had a couple of blunders which you can see on the left navy & white star. Eeeeeek that looks like that as I didn't use enough pre treatment.

the kids have definitely reaped the benefits so far. It's great as I have gotten their demands out of the way so I can start focusing on some new Tiges and Weince work.


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