Thursday, February 20, 2014

Drawing pretty girls

I am not sure why but lately I have had this urge to draw pretty girly girls. Usually when something like this happens I just have to trust it's whats best to do & go with it. I have been wanting to draw them for for a long time as I have had some ideas that could work well on gorgeous bedroom cushions.

I am in awe of so many amazing illustrators out there who draw gorgeous people & kids, so beautifully, being feared of comparison has been holding me back.  It seems silly doesn't it? But this year I am working really hard of letting it go & just be me & create what I love.

So before I keep waffling on I have drawn a couple more the last few days...Gulp... & here they are.

They are still in such a raw state, no colour just some lead & black ink. I can see many improvements that are needed, but I like to just draw & not think too much. The first draft.  See what happens. I haven't called them anything yet as I am still not sure where I want to go with them. One thing I know is that being the colour lover I am, they are definitely screaming out for some hues!

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