Saturday, June 1, 2013

Off to school with Lilla Rogers

As of Monday June 3rd, I will be starting a 5 week course with Lilla Rogers. It is called "Make Art That Sells", & I simply could be more excited. If you don't know Lilla Rogers is one of the best agencies that represent artists all around the world. Sooooooo exciting!!!!!

I have been wanting to do this course for a while, now but was a bit tight on the old purse, so once I knew I was selling Quirky and Quaint, I knew straight away this was a gift for myself. A gift that will make me happy, push my limits, & something that will finally put me on the right path regarding this surface industry I am so in love with.

I have been looking at all of the other students work, who are also taking part & I am in absolute awe. Gob smacking awe!! One artist in particular is Josephine Kimberling, who I have been a fan of for a while, I can't believe I will be in the same class as her. Her work is incredible.

Lilla has been very clear that this is a self development course, not a competition in any form but a road of discovery, & learning so many things. Phew!! But I have to admit I am feeling quite anxious, as naturally you compare yourself to others, & I am having those inner demons & doubts about what I do. I don't have an amazing website yet with folders dedicated to a folio yet, I have the work but not online anywhere, so that's something I must get on to. Just need to find a DIY package that has the fundamentals I think I need.

Today my mind is swimming with excitement, nerves,  & silly self doubts that I have to make sure don't cripple me. Here I go, wish me luck, & I will be excited to share my work as I chug along.

Have a lovely weekend.

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