Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Golden Books

While doing my course, I have been looking at illustrations with such a different eye. Beside admitting I have been feeling completely overwhelmed with the brilliance of others, I have become kind of obsessed with my old golden books. Just looking at how old they are makes me smile, but the endless detail & expression on the faces of the characters is just so amazing. The added icon details, the colours that are mixed together, so many artistic styles makes my heart race with inspiration. I actually had to put them away at one stage as I was being so overloaded with inspiration & ideas I was feeling twitchy & anxious. Don't panic they are normal feelings for me when I get like that. I just get too consumed that's all.

It's also been a lovely little trip down memory lane looking at the inside covers where I have signed my name. In some cases I have had a go at signing my brothers too. Obviously the top one I could write. the bottom one makes me smile, as I believe I would be about 4 or 5yrs old, just learning the letters. I am assuming it's an attempt to spell Kylie?

Did you check out the print date?? I think I am considered vintage, it was the year I was born.

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Jane from Lil Pip said...

I love golden books too. We have quite a collection at home. I prefer the ahem 'vintage' ones too!