Monday, June 10, 2013

Ballet Mood Board Inspiration

I am starting to plan new designs, I find this stage really exciting thinking about what I haven't created before. Working out what new ideas that make my heart race. I have learnt to really listen to my body when I create, or when I am sourcing new ideas. I always know I am on to something, if I am excited & smiling from the inside out.

I am wanting to create a dance ballet range. I have never danced in my life, I was always into sport, so  was my mum, hence me never entering a dance studio. However Charlotte has taken to it, (like many 3yr old girls), so last year I enrolled her in a kindy dance program, & ever since it's been the highlight of her week. Her enthusiasm has drawn me to the dance & ballet world, still not knowing anything about it technically, I am drawn to it's beauty. It is so feminine. So pretty. So graceful. So elegant. So gracious. It has a soft romantic & even vintage feel. When I think of ballet, I think about fluid movements, soft pink satin, tulle, ribbons, slippers, dusky pink & creme, lace, and two tone roses.

I have put together a mood board to create inspiration, & keep me on path with my ballet design vision.

I have thought of a colour palette, it's soft & very ballet. I want to keep the colours a little cleaner, & not as murky as what is perceived a little more traditional.

With ideas down, its time to get some art drawn.

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