Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Food & Fitness Love

The journey of losing some weight & feeling fitter, is still a very motivated challenge I am on. My hunger pangs have settled down, so I finally believe my stomach has shrunk a little. Thanks goodness!

I am starting to feel the benefits of eating good clean whole foods, & my body is becoming very thankful. In hindsight starting this program in winter was maybe a little more challenging. I would much rather eat steaming hot veggies than salad, so I have switched those over, otherwise I would have gone insane. Right or wrong I don't care, it's cold & I need warm comfort!

image by Kylie Loy on Flickr

The exercise has been a bit off this week, I am feeling a little run down & under the weather & I refuse to push myself. Michelle Bridges is very strict in exercising 6 days a week for an hour, the only reason you shouldn't exercise, she says is if you physically can't move. I smile at what she says, as I know where she is coming from, & what message she is sending, however I don't have a company of assistants & she isn't a mother. Nevertheless she does mean well I believe.

After all of that positivity I have to let you know I still falter. I fell a bit off the wagon on the weekend as I went to the movies with my husband (to see the Great Gatsby which I LOVED), & couldn't resist a few choc coated raspberries & bullets. It's funny you know as I was eating them, it was like that voice came in to my head, no no nooooo that's naughty!!!!! But as I started to feel guilty, I shifted it to how much fun I was having. It was like a 'date night', with my husband, & it's not often we get to do that. Prior to the movie, we ate at a restaurant & I ordered really sensibly, grilled salmon & vegies. The following day I was back to normal so no guilt.

The 2 of us at the cinema.

Life is about moderation I have to always remember that!

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