Monday, June 3, 2013

My new acrylic adventure

An exciting day today, I start my course with Lilla Rogers, "Make Art That Sells", I mentioned it yesterday. Everything will start in New York time, so I just have to sit & wait until their day begins there....Aahhhhh feeling impatient!

Yesterday I went & did something very exciting....I bought myself a set of beautiful, juicy acrylic paints. I've purchased them with the ambition of extending myself in this course, by trying a new medium. I have always liked acrylics, from a far, & admired many the work of many artists who use them. Currently all of my work is created in Adobe Illustrator, or vector work, as the trained graphic designers call it. I love to draw on the computer, it's quick, fast & I get what I needed done, no drying time or anything like that.

When I studied fashion design my focus wasn't on the art as much as learning to draft patterns, or dreaming of drawing technical specs in the computer. I drew, don't get my wrong, lots & lots. I took illustration, but I always preferred pencils & fine tipped ink pens. I do admit playing around with watercolours, but I have a lot to learn there also.

So back to yesterday.... I felt so anxious as I went up & asked the sales assistant what to buy. She was so helpful & as I expressed how I was a newbie to the painting world. She explained that she had years of painting experience, but new nothing in the computer world, so she sensed exactly how I was feeling, as it would have been her if she was using a CAD system. I bought a palette of acrylic colours, some new brushes, & some spongy bits & bobs, & feel ready for experimenting to hit me.

Feeling nervous, lets see what evolves.

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Jane from Lil Pip said...

Good luck Kylie - and I can't wait to hear (read!) about how your course went.