Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A New Designer Doona Cover

I may have already mentioned that Hudson is in a single bed now.
It's been nearly a month since we took this scary step of putting him in there. It's been challenging to say the least. I was given a mountain of advise, and found one solution to getting him asleep and keeping him there. My hairdresser told me what she did with with her kids. She had her back to them whilst sitting beside the bed so there was absolutely no communication. She even took a book in, which I do also! Well it's worked...... I am not at the stage where I can leave the room yet as comes out after about 30 secs, but he is drifting off now within 20 mins to half hour.
After that triumph the point of my blog today......
Have you ever tried to find a nice doona cover for toddlers in a king single bed? The fact they
aren't even made, and you have to use a double bed doona makes it very challenging.
Everything is either too adult or for a teenager.
So I made my own. A trip to Lincraft saw me come home with a pirate theme and some
tiny red polka dots.

The fabric I bought wasn't the size required and after some measuring, and a bit of a pattern plan (doona size is 180cm x 210cm), I came up with this. The main fabric is in the centre with a 20cm border all around the edges. Some silver snaps as the fasteners as I hate making button holes, and I was done.

I am pretty happy with the result so I have bought some more fabric to make a 2nd doona cover. I bought some Sesame Street print as Hudson loves Elmo, so I will keep you posted when that project is completed.

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skinner studio said...

That is SO cute - love the fabric!!

Way to go, crafty momma!