Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Creative Workspace

So we have all been there I am 100% sure, stumped with inspiration that is.
I don't know anybody who hasn't found that brick wall. If you haven't, half your luck, and I would love to know what special creative beans you have to prevent this.
Generally, most well established artists recommend letting inspiration find you, when it comes it happens when you least expect it. Since Friday I have been waiting, waiting, waiting for it to come knocking on my door, or should I say my head...
Nothing has bowled me over yet, but I have been utilising my down time wisely, surfing the net, spending time with great friends, most of whom are creative souls themselves.
Also with my shop being in a bit of a transition period, from being 100% children's dominated, to introducing some women's designs and other new areas, is a creative challenge within itself.
One though I am very excited about establishing.
Today I put myself in my works space, printed off some amazing floral photo's I have seen on flickr (I love brightly coloured flowers), got my pencils out, some paper I have had for ages and have been playing. I need some new designs and think I am going to introduce some other mediums.
As I said it's a creative workspace and a place to experiment. Things are slowly coming, but nothing set in stone yet. I did however find a flower today I had never heard of before a "Dogwood"? It's so beautiful and sparked some interest, I will keep you posted if anything comes of it.

Above are some pictures of my recently "tidy" work space. Normally it's a damn mess, so I thought getting some kind of order happening may help the creative ideas flow.

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