Monday, March 29, 2010

My Plants Are Thriving

Melbourne had another drenching this morning.
With all of this fantastic rain, my plants in the front garden are absolutely thriving.
I am hopeless with plant names so I am not going to start reeling impressive botanical lingo at you. I know you are supposed to pop the little label that comes with the plant when you buy it, but I always forget to. I love mixing shades of purples, burgundy's, black and charcoals together. To me it's modern yet still pretty and floral.
This purple number below is my favourite. It started as an itsy bitsy ground cover shrub and is now cascading down the retaining wall, what's best it attract butterflies.
Not that any appeared for today's photo!!

This other burgundy number I know is called "something grass". It was only a few sprigs big when I bought it, and now it's blooming left right and centre.
I love the texture of this one, the creamy burgundy fluffy ends are adorable.
Now that I have absolutely humiliated these two plants by calling them 'numbers', I hope somebody reading could identify them for me please.
Or maybe I should just look them up myself?

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skinner studio said...

Those are beautiful - I love how you've combined the colors and textures! The second plant with the soft brushy things looks quite similar to something here in the states...but I don't know names either!