Monday, March 15, 2010

10 Things To Achieve Before My Baby Arrives

I know you all know I am having bubba number 2, and it's a girl.
I am just so busy trying to do everything before she comes. I keep being told "1 is easy, wait until you have a 2nd". To be honest with you I don't know how to take it.

Should I be worried?
How much harder will it be?
Will I be chained to the house more than normal?
How many more restrictions will I have incurred?
Aaarrgghhh!!! Questions? Questions? Questions?
I am trying to view this scenario "Glass half full" I am taking on the challenge of meeting a few goals before she comes. A lot of them revolve around Hudson, but that makes me happiest.

1. Go to Sydney to see family friends & combine a visit to Toronga Zoo. - I am checking this off early as I am going this weekend YAY!!
2. Make sure I get into a routine of Hudson having 1 hour outside play daily.
3. Visit the Melbourne aquarium.
4. I still strive to grow my business. I just need a little more organisation to do so. that means less time reading too many blogs, writing TO DO lists, and being a lot tidier.
5. Have a SUPER EXCITING market launch with Modish. I want success for everyone involved as well as myself.
6. Start selling my bookmarks to retailers. I get enough enquiries about them, it's time to get cracking. Well at least start with a few and grow slowly.
7. Finish reading all of the True Blood series. There are eight & I am on to number seven. Number nine is released in May, I would love to have it in my hands before bubba comes.
8. Start making my little unborn Missy Moo a few things before she comes. I need to make her personalised bunting, paint the big letter of her name for her shelves (yes I have picked a name), and just get her room organised.
9. Take Hudson on a train. He loves "Toot Toot" Thomas.
10. STOP PROCRASTINATING!! Don't know about you I have all of these great intentions and then something else catches my attention & I am off on to something else.
I am treating this like a legally binding agreement.
I am relying of you fabulous readers making me accountable for each one.
I know I am not the only one who does his, maybe we should all take on a personal challenge like this more regularly.


DELiciousDesignz said...

Don't stress it Kylie - it is not harder, it is just different to what you are used to. You will certainly have less time but hudson will be getting occupied by helping you and loving his little sister. Older siblings love feeling useful. Have fun decorating the nursery - you will be fabulous

skinner studio said...

To be honest, the 2nd was way harder for me - for the first year at least - I really did feel a little crazy. But now, all my friends with just one child are jealous about how easy I have it - the boys play together constantly, we have so much fun and I am so happy we had another when we did!