Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Market Stall Revamp

I am attending Yarraville Market on Saturday and felt I needed to update my stall.
It can be hard thinking of what you want, and what you can afford money and time wise to invest into it. Previously I have had my iron on transfers and magnetic bookmarks displayed in little suitcases with them all randomly thrown in for customers to search through. Although it looked effective, I found it quite messy as both items ended up being spread all over my stall table. So my goal has been to come up with a cleaner, neater and far more organised looking alternative. I have been reading some of my favourite bloggers the last few weeks gathering inspiration from their stall revamps. While I haven't got everything finished yet, (as there is nothing like getting prepared at the last minute), I have come up with some really inexpensive and simple resources.
Starting with a carrier for my Magnetic Bookmarks.

A pack of 3 small draw dividers from Coles, for memory just under $5.

Some foam left over from unpacking Hudson's bedroom furniture, cut to size with my big kitchen knife.

I drew and printed up some card covers and wrapped it around the foam, using doubled
sided tape to stick it down.

Another card cover for the front of the box. Slide the foam in leaving a perfect width for the bookmarks to site upright. Now easy access for shoppers to flick through.


vanilla pixie (Carley) said...

Such a brilliant & effective display. Well done!

BonTons said...

Looks great

Vintage Sew and So said...

I like it, simple & fun

Ange said...

looks really great!