Friday, February 5, 2010

Spray Tan

I was spray tanned last night for the first time in my life. I am in my cousins wedding tomorrow so looking 'peaky' wasn't an option. I am not allowed to have a shower until lunch time, and
I am feeling rather ordinary due to this. I must say it's a stinky process, I generally as
a rule I don't "fake tan" due to the pong. She used the St Tropez brand in which I was informed was the best, but it still smells.
However......I do admit I have never looked so brown.
I am naturally quite fair so being brown has never been an addiction or obsession.
I don't sun bake for obvious cancer reasons, red I don't believe is a good look, as already mentioned fake tan smells, and lastly the maintenance is in the too hard basket for me.

If I knew it would smell like this I may reconsider,

YSL Parisienne my newset and most favourite fragrance at the moment.

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Caroline Martin said...

Know what you mean. I had a spray tan done a while ago at a salon, and my, so i could attend a Gala Ball for the school my kids go to. Not pleasant, being half naked and being sprayed with cold stuff. Brrr. The things us girls go through!