Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Cousin Kelly's Wedding

Back to blogging again, it's been a few days but I have had a huge weekend & I needed some recovery. I was in my cousin Kelly's wedding on Saturday.
Yes this is Kelly who is involved in starting Modish Creators Market with me.
It was the most amazing day & the best time I have had as a bridesmaid.
Being in the 6th month of my pregnancy it was very tiring, my feet hurt like hell and were swollen,
it was 26'C but felt like 36'C, I got through it though happily.
Kelly looked beautiful, radiant actually I had never seen her so happy.
She was married in Camberwell at Our Lady of Victories Basillica and the reception followed at Butleigh Wooton Receptions in Kew.
I have popped in a couple of photos for you to see.
One of the two of us and with her now husband Christian.
It was such a great day.

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