Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I went to see ACDC last night (in Melbourne), and I have to tell you those old fellas know how to rock. I am not a fan as such, my hubby is, as well as mum and dad so I tagged along for this apparent, unforgettable experience. The other incentive for me was that Wolfmother played who I love. I will admit it I am a chic of the 90's, I grew up with loud rock, and still love it when I am in the mood. Anyway, I was very impressed with how good the show was, a little unimpressed by the chicks on their boyfriends shoulders flashing their boobies every time a camera was on them.
But I guess it was that kind of crowd, and whatever rocks your world.
For those who are going when they reach your state, I think you will definitely enjoy the show.
Angus Young was fabulous, the tiny animated little pocket rocket, who moves his mouth constantly like a fish, didn't stop for 2hrs. I was completely intrigued by him.
A memento of hubby's from the concert.

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