Thursday, February 4, 2010

Eating And Sleeping

Last Sunday had been a busy day for Hudson, being at nanni and grandad's, playing, reading, and swimming. By the time I had picked him up he was past wanting to sleep, so I thought save the tantrums I'll let him stay up & see how he goes. I was dreading the feral behaviour, I knew that was to eventually arrive as I had seen it before.
I was sitting at the computer reading blogs while Hudson was eating his dinner.
Suddenly it was very quiet, which doesn't always mean peace!!

Yep out like a light, tuna bake all over his face and hands, nice and messy, finished with a pink dummy. If only he had stayed like that. This kid of mine runs on the sniff of an oily rag. He must have caught his 40 winks because as soon as I lifted him up, he was wide awake and rearing to go.
They feral behaviour finally arrived an hour later....Being overtired isn't fun.

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Caroline Martin said...

hi. it's amazing how quickly the kids grow. mine are now 18 and 15- where did that time go?
would love to see some of the travel photos as i collect them to use as inspiration for my paintings- as i am a new artist.