Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day At Werribbe Zoo

Werribee Zoo was fabulous, and the day was perfect.
Initially we were all a bit worried about the 34' degree heat, and then a forecast of potential showers, but thought oh well lets do it. It ended up perfect 29' degrees and a slight breeze.
We all did the Open Range Safari which was great, informative and enjoyable. Hudson loved it, his word (not that he has many) of the day "Whats This" at every animal we saw.
Thankfully we sat on a continuous seat so he ran from one side of the bus to the other.
It was a good walk around the zoo, and Hudson got extremely close an personal with a lioness, through inches thick glass of course. I do wonder if had has suddenly moved, how many feet he would have jumped in the air though.
A family picnic followed by lots of other walking made a great day. Like all toddlers Hudson was fascinated chasing the birds, or should I say tormenting them?
Highly recommended.

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