Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter is nearly here...

It's been a while between posts, due to a hellish week, Hudson is teething and boy are Daniel (hubby) and I paying for it. Poor bubba has been waking during the night every couple of hours. He is so damn restless. Those who know, know what I am talking about, and I am buggered! Anyway things have slowed down thank goodness, I thought I had returned to when I first brought him home, which was challenging as he was a screamer!

On a brighter and more delicious note Easter is here. MMMMMMMMMM I love chocolate, hot cross buns, and chocolate. I have been quite controlled this year, as I don't have the "I'm pregnant" excuse to keep scoffing anymore. It will be Hudson's first Easter, and it will be his first chocolate experience too. I am looking forward to seeing his face, I hope he shares the same love for chocolate as I do. I was fluffing and surfing around on Etsy and came across the solution for all calorie free chocolate. I was really amused by this;


By sassafrass2's Shop. Yep I think that is what I should be indulging in!!

Here are a few more adorable Easter finds,

I especially love these eggs by sabahnur's shop, also considered fat free!
Aren't these little animals the cutest? By Amy Gaines.
Such a pretty chicky. By Magical Garden.

That's all from me tonight I am busily working and preparing for Saturday as I am having a stall at the 'Sisters Market' in Brunswick Melbourne.

Better get back to it.

Kylie xx


Sabahnur said...

ooo what a great list! thanks for my eater eggs:)

Inci said...

very cute items! Congrats!