Sunday, April 26, 2009

Artist of the week - Mitch from mqsquare

I found these adorable little owls during the week & purchased one called Partridge (little pink guy below), he is so cute and so tiny, and will be coming to live with me all the way from sunny California. I decided to contact the artist involved and asked her a few questions, as I was really interested to here about their work.
Introducing Mitch from mqsquare...
There are some truly unique answers to my questions, make sure you drop past their etsy store, and especially have a look at her owls.
1)Tell us a bit about yourself?
I have a degree in Applied Design with an emphasis in Ceramics, brick making really, so professionally I’m a full time restaurant manager. I live with my partner of eight years and our two absolutely adorable, sweet cats. I’m also brown, squat and half an inch taller than the short end of the pool.
2)Where did your business name come from?
The business name mqsquare is a combination of my name, Mitch Quina, and my fondness for the square form. Aside from being the perfect shape, when it comes to design, I find it ideal for all practical purposes. As a table, it holds more versus a round one. As cabinets generally come with corners, utilizing circular containers makes less sense as these only create trapped spaces. Nothing against the wheel, but less I want things to roll, I’m square all the way.
3)Tell us a bit about your business?
I’m a sucker for great design, which results in my inclination to try something at least once. Great design, however, doesn’t always come with quality workmanship. My shop offers items that marry these concepts, and although these are handmade, I make it a point to ensure my goods are “finished” products. Customers can take comfort in knowing they’re receiving items that can withstand the test of time and use. Thread ends are double knotted and tucked and squares are squared.

4)What inspires you to create what you make?
I don’t do well being idle, which is not to say I can’t delight in a friendly conversation over coffee, but I especially enjoy working with my hands. It’s rewarding to experience small successes. Really, it’s therapy for my neurosis. These days, we can’t afford to go a day without hearing about some sort of horror. Knowing chaos exists compels me to make nice things. There’s nothing more satisfying than adding a bit of glee in someone’s day. At bedtime, I feel content I’ve done something good.

5)What do you think is the key to achieving successful sales?
You have to enjoy what you’re doing, show that you care, that it matters. Including thank you notes is important. It shows you’re willingness to stop for a moment and be appreciative. Equally important is your ability to ship orders in a timely manner. At the point items are purchased, we need to recognize that these are no longer ours.

6)What is your favourite music/artist/movie/book/website?
I was a big fan of The Smiths. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Morcheeba and BitterSweet. A few books I’ve enjoyed are Hotel New Hampshire, 100 Years of Solitude and Siddhartha. I love Japanese animation; my favorite is “Ninja Scroll.” Films that stand out are “La Femme Nikita,” “Superman,” and “Eat, Drink, Man, Woman.” I have a great collection of urban vinyl toys, too. My latest obsession is Julie West; I love her Bumble and Tweet dolls! Wait. Let’s not forget about Wonder Woman! Love her!

7)If you could interview anybody in the world who would it be?
Believe it or not, I’d be delighted to meet Martha Stewart. Despite the not-so-nice labels, I admire and respect her diligence and perseverance. Contrary to belief, she was "little people" who achieved success. People also forget that she's human, capable of erring.

8)Where is your next holiday destination?
I have the best time traveling with my sister. Next year’s destination is Scandinavia. Brrrrrrrrrrrr. I look forward to learning more about their food!

Thanks Mitch so much for your owl, and also giving up you time to answer my 8 questions. All the best with your future design endeavours.

Kylie x

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Camille Petrocelli said...

Big fan of the owls by Mitch at mqsquare on etsy. My first one arrived today and I am in love. I will order more to make a collection.
I was so inspired by them that I created a paper embellishment modeled after them for scrapbooker & card makers.